Secure in-cab items


By Mark van der Feyst

Inside our fire apparatus, we have many items stored or carried items that are required for the job. Many of these are stored in compartments designed for quick access with roll up doors or straps of some type, or in other areas such as our seats with SCBA.

No matter what the item is, it needs to be secured so that it does not become a projectile. In a worst case scenario, we would agree that items can become projectiles when an apparatus is overturned or collides with another vehicle.

But what about the times where we have driven over a small bump in the road, hit a pothole, taken a turn too sharply or stopped too fast? Items that are not secured can easily become projectiles.

The helmet is sometimes seen sitting on the front dash resting against the windshield or on the doghouse next to the seat. No matter where it is, it has the potential to move when deceleration takes place. Look around the cab and see what needs to be secured.  

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