Air Systems International, Inc. Introduces the MACK™ (Multi-Air Command Kit)

The MACK™ units have been designed as a series of portable air distribution boxes to meet the most demanding air handling needs of the Fire/Rescue industry. Each unit has been designed and tested by professional firefighters to meet the changing industry and NFPA requirements. All models have been manufactured to provide emergency low pressure breathing air from either SCBA cylinders or from a bank of large storage cylinders located on Fire Department vehicles. More advanced models offer multiple air pressure regulators for confined space rescue operations, mid-range pressure for rescue tool devices, and high pressure emergency air cylinder filling systems. Choose a standard MACK™ unit to fit your needs or call our Customer Service Department to design a unit for your special air handling applications.

All MACK™ Series units start with the MACK-1 basic functions. One or two SCBA cylinders provide air to the system; a CGA-347 high pressure inlet is also provided to allow continuous operation from truck mounted air cylinders. A low pressure regulator provides 0-125psi air to a four outlet respirator manifold. A low pressure alarm whistle and a 6 volt DC lamp to illuminate the case interior are provided as standard.

The MACK-2 unit has all the same features as the MACK-1 with the addition of a 0-5000 psi adjustable fill regulator. A 5 ft. fill hose is provided with hand tight wheel and bleed valve. An optional Quick fill hose can be ordered.

The MACK-NFPA™ series has been developed specifically for the Fire/Rescue teams working under NFPA guidelines. The NFPA version of the MACK™ unit comes in two standard models. Each model has two separate regulator/manifold systems. Two SCBA connect whips are provided for each regulator. In the event of a regulator malfunction, rescue can be performed on the standby regulator system. The basic unit described above, Model MACK-NFPA1, can have a regulator isolation valve added to allow one or both air sources to be used simultaneously; this addition forms the Model MACK-NFPA3 which has a CGA-347 high pressure inlet included.

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