Draeger enters manufacturing agreement with Exit Technologies for Firefighter Rescue Transceivers

LUEBRCK, Germany - Leading global safety equipment manufacturer, Draeger Safety KG & Co. KGaA, is introducing a new line of life-saving products for tracking downed firefighters.

The company entered into an exclusive manufacturing and supply agreement on 12 December with Exit Technologies of Boulder Colorado, developer of the Tracker FRT (Firefighter Rescue Transceiver) and ET (Egress Transmitter). Through this agreement, Draeger launched two fireground tracking products at the 2007 Fire-Rescue International show in Atlanta, under the names Draeger FRT 1000 and Draeger ETR 1000.

The Draeger FRT 1000 is a low-frequency 457 kHz radio transmitter and receiver both contained in the same handheld unit. The Draeger FRT 1000 is worn on the SCBA belt during fireground operations in conjunction with an integrated or stand-alone PASS device. When the firefighter stops moving for 60 seconds, it sends an electromagnetic distress signal that can be tracked by others on the fireground that are also wearing a Draeger FRT 1000. The signal transmission can also be activated manually by the distressed firefighter while issuing a Mayday. The low frequency distress signal transmits through walls and floors enabling fire fighters inside and outside the structure to rapidly track and rescue the downed fire fighter. MORE

The Draeger ETR 1000 is a transmit-only unit that can be placed at exits and other points of safety by the fire attack team or incident commander. The Draeger ETR 1000s can be used as “electronic breadcrumbs” by a distressed firefighter attempting reorientation or self-rescue. Each 1000 has one button for locating firefighters wearing Draeger FRT 1000s and one button for locating Draeger ETR 1000s. When switched from standby to search mode, a bright distance display and changing audible signal provide direction to the transmitting Draeger FRT 1000 or Draeger ETR 1000.

“Every year, an average of 100 U.S. firefighters die in the line of duty,” said Draeger Marketing Manager, Rainer Westphal. “Many of these are caused from being lost, trapped, or disoriented. At Draeger, we are strongly committed to safety and believe that the Draeger FRT 1000 will complement our existing line of telemetry systems, thermal imaging cameras and SCBA in supporting firefighter safety. We believe this technology can save as many—or more—lives in the fire service as it has saved in the mountains. We are extremely pleased to be working closely with the largest player in the international market,” said Exit Tech president Bruce McGowan. “This important technology will be adopted even faster in the fire service under their strong industry leadership.”

Nearly 40 U.S. fire departments are already using this technology, originally developed for locating avalanche victims buried in snow. Developer Exit Technologies’ parent company, BCA, is the world’s largest manufacturer of avalanche rescue transceivers and has saved over 50 lives over the past eight years, according to company officials.

Draeger Safety, Inc. based in Pittsburgh, PA is the subsidiary of Draeger Safety AG & Co. KGaA in Luebeck, Germany who is the world's largest supplier of SCBA's and gas detection equipment. Draeger Safety, Inc. engineers and manufactures a complete line of safety products specializing in respiratory protection and gas detection technologies designed to protect and rescue human life wherever safe breathing is difficult or endangered. These market leading products include portable gas detection monitors instruments and systems for detection and measurement of more than 500 hazardous gases and vapors; five-minute to four-hour self-contained breathing apparatus; disposable and reusable full-face and half-mask respirators; and survival training systems and environments for firefighters. Major markets served are fire service, first responders, military/police/special forces, light manufacturing and heavy industries, petro-chemical producers and mining.

In addition to the Draeger FRT 1000, Draeger presented a new line of SCBA's and thermal imaging cameras at Fire Rescue International 2007. For more information, see or call (800) 615-5503.

Editors Notes:

Drägerwerk AG is an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology. Dräger products protect, support and save human life. Founded in 1889, in 2006 the Group achieved sales of ˆ1,801 million worldwide and an EBIT of ˆ148.2 million. Today, Dräger employs around 10,000 people in more than 40 subsidiaries worldwide and has a representation around 190 countries. The Dräger Safety division offers products, services and system solutions for all encompassing Risk Management such as Personal- and Facility Protection. Draeger Safety, Incorporated US headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Pittsburgh, PA and employ approximately 200 people. Established in 1976, Draeger Safety, Inc. is the largest of Draegerwerk AG’s subsidiaries worldwide concentrating in the areas of Gas Detection, Respiratory Protection, Diving and Service:

-Electronic gas detection measuring and monitoring instruments and systems
-Self-contained breathing apparatus
-Disposable, half-mask and full-face mask filters
-Electro-chemical and infrared sensor engineering and manufacturing
-Draeger Tubes and Draeger CMS spot measurement gas & vapor sampling
-Underwater semi-closed circuit rebreathers
-Filter and oxygen generating self-rescuers
-Emergency Escape breathing apparatus
-Supplied air respirators and systems
-Breathalyzer Products

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