New Portable Battery Fan by Leader North America



Mooresville, NC (September 2015) -- LEADER continues to be a major player in the PPV world having recently developed the BATfan.

BATfan is powerful and lightweight for completely self-contained operation and allows fast implementation and maximum flexibility during response, while requiring little storage space.

2 versions are available:
·     BATfan 20-minute runtime with a total weight of 51.8 lbs

·     BATfan 45-minute with 60.6 lbs.

They also run on mains electricity if necessary.

Compact & mobile, it folds up and stows easily in vehicle trunk (2 BATfan occupy the space of one conventional fan)!
It is quicker to set up than conventional fans as there is no time wasted searching for a power socket!

BATfan is multi-functional equipment for PPV attack, PPV combined ventilation, etc.

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