New Revolutionary Electric Driven Breathing Air Booster Packages Rated to 6,000-psi Manufactured by HII

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This electric driven air boost new compresses breathing air up to 6000-psi from as low as 500-psi. Ideal for maximizing the use of breathing air in storage cylinders resulting in an increase in the number of complete SCBA fills per storage cylinder. Reduces fill times by eliminating the need to cascade air storage cylinders.

Its two-stage and double acting design uses NO Belts or Pulleys, making it the quietest electrically operated booster in its class; only 60 decibels.

Its low profile and lightweight design (11” in height, 145 lbs) allows you to mount the unit virtually in any location on trucks and trailers. The unit may be powered by any conventional A.C. electrical system, making it versatile.

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