Texas Volunteer Fire Department Wins Four SmartDock™ Gen2 SCBA Holders

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Westfield, Ind. – Windcrest Volunteer Fire Department, located in suburban San Antonio and serving a population of 22,000, was the winner of four SmartDock™ Gen 2 SCBA holders at the LifeGuard Technologies® 2009 FDIC booth.

Lt. Gina Marsh, whose name was selected from about 250 in the fishbowl drawing, said she and her team of four were convinced to purchase SmartDock after a first-hand experience at FDIC.

“We were looking for new SCBA holders, and we went through the demo in the LifeGuard booth,” Lt. Marsh said. “We loved the product. And we made a bet with the chief that if one of us won the drawing, he would equip the rest of our trucks with 12 more SmartDocks...When I got the call that I had won, I sent him a text message, ‘Remember that SmartDock drawing? Guess who won!’ ”

Capt. Joe Moran noted that Chief Dan Reese is following through on his commitment to equip other trucks in the fleet with SmartDock at the beginning of the next budget year. “We had spent $650,000 on a new Rosenbauer truck, and we invested in a lot of improvements to make it easy for firefighters to use,” Capt. Moran said. “The SCBA holders on that truck were the only thing causing complaints and difficulties for the firefighters. It’s well worth the money to take away that issue.”

A side benefit noted is the improved use of seat belts on the truck equipped with SmartDock. “Before, the guys would do two things to get around buckling their belts, so they wouldn’t have to sit against the SCBA holder and potentially get stuck,” Capt. Moran said. “They would sit on the edge of the seat to avoid putting pressure on the sensor. Or they buckled their seat belt behind them. Now we have a policy on seat belt use, and we also have a product that works, so usage has greatly improved.”

SmartDock Gen 2 is the only hands-free SCBA holder for fire apparatus. This innovative system provides single-motion insertion of the SCBA, holds the cylinder securely in place while in transit and releases using no straps or levers.

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