Capture Technologies is Branching Out in Southern California

Capture Technologies is having some new success in Southern California.  With new clients and prospects, Capture is still going strong in the western region, making sure that businesses are safe and secure.  New tradeshows and sales representatives are also adding to the success, making Capture a hard act to follow.  Hospitality, education and public safety will be just a few of the industries that Capture will be going after, only to continue success in Southern California.

Aisha Lopez is the latest addition to the Capture team.  With years of experience in ID sales, she is proudly approaching businesses of all kinds with new ID solutions in Southern California.  With the new school year, she’s been in Southern California schools, making sure that they have everything they need for student ID printing.

Chris Williams, who has worked for Capture for over 12 years, has found much success in public safety and hospitality in Southern California.  He has been promoting and selling the latest in interview management: CaseCracker, by Cardinal Peak.  Public safety officials are finding it useful in interview rooms, as it allows them to record video and audio at the same time.  CaseCracker also has new features that allow public safety to prove the recording’s authenticity in the courtroom.

Both Williams and Lopez will be branching out in the hospitality industry as well.  With Capture’s success at the Anaheim Marriot in the past, they will be reaching out to other hotels and tourism businesses to ensure their safety.  Access control, security cameras, call recording and ID products will all be offered as invaluable products.

In the past, Capture Technologies has had much success in the hospitality sector, with popular brands such as, Onity and OpenEye security cameras.  Other products that hospitality may find useful are Inovonics’ Radius and smartphone surveillance, amongst others.  Capture is proud to provide these products to all businesses, as they are important tools in keeping both customers and staff safe.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what Capture Technologies has to offer, call us to get your own customized quote!

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