Virginia Fire Chiefs Association partners with Public Safety GPO to provide cooperative agreements to their members

SEATTLE- Public Safety GPO (a program of NPPGov) and Virginia Fire Chief’s Association, leaders in the Public Safety cooperative purchasing and the Fire Service , today announced a direct partnership to continue the efforts both started together decades ago to provide open, fair and competitive cooperative options to their members.  Virginia Fire Chief’s Executive Director Chris Eudailey has been working with Mika Kawakami, the Association Manager for Public Safety GPO, to establish a plan which supports the GPO’s vendors and enhances the use of cooperative agreements within the State of Virginia. “The Virginia Fire Chiefs Association is excited to partner directly with Public Safety GPO to offer our members departmental and individual discounts which will not only save them money but will also directly benefit our association financially. We feel this relationship with GPO was a sound decision that will benefit our members and their respective departments.” Said Eudailey

This relationship will provide the Virginia Fire Chief’s with over 100 publicly procured agreements for products and services used by the Fire Service every day, along with a discount program to their individual members from over 20 vendors such as AT&T FirstNet. 

About Public Safety GPO

Public Safety GPO is a program of NPPGov providing public safety departments access to publicly solicited contracts from vendors who supply goods and services. Contracts are created through a public RFP process by a Lead Public Agency that allows members to "piggyback" on the contract, eliminating the need to complete their own RFP process. Public Safety GPO staff and legal counsel facilitate this process and provide necessary documentation and support.

About Virginia Fire Chiefs

Virginia Fire Chiefs was formed in 1930 and has served as the Fire Chiefs association for the State of Virginia representing over 1000 members.  The Virginia Fire Chiefs organization consists of 20 Executive Board Members who act as the voice for Virginia Chiefs for both instate and national issues.  They are also tasked with understanding and managing key issue for the Fire Service within the State. 

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