Mobile Concepts by Scotty Sprinkler Demonstration Trailer Helps Family Learn from Tragic Loss

As firefighters from various local stations watch, a family has installed the first residential sprinkler system ever in the area, reducing the likelihood of losing their new home to fire.

Mt Pleasant, PA - The Bell family watched in horror as their home was completely destroyed by fire a little more than one year ago. Instead of living in fear, the family took steps to eliminate this from ever happening again by having a fire sprinkler system installed- affording local fire fighters the opportunity to learn more about these systems with the assistance of a Mobile Concepts by Scotty sprinkler demonstration trailer.

Using Perry, Ohio, Fire Department’s sprinkler demonstration trailer, fire fighters witnessed the effectiveness of fire sprinkler systems and were further educated by the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC).

The combination Sprinkler Demonstration and Fire Safety House trailer was built by Mobile Concepts by Scotty, a Pittsburgh-area specialty trailer and vehicle manufacturer. It is equipped with a burn room that allows operators to show on-lookers how quickly a small fire can escalate and how quickly a sprinkler system can contain and/or extinguish the fire.

Large Lexan windows allow spectators to witness the demonstration through the exterior of either side of the vehicle. Classroom and/or fire safety house features are located in the interior to allow for further explanation and educational classes for the public.

“As supporters of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition’s message, we are debunking many of the myths surrounding these systems,” stated Anne Degre, president of Mobile Concepts.

"The sprinkler education program can be compared to the smoke detector educational programs of the 1970s. People did not know what they were, and the rumors about them were running rampant. The only way to raise awareness is through public education.”

Communications manager Peg Paul of HFSC took time to educate the Cleveland-metro-area family and local fire departments during and after the installation about the importance of having fire sprinkler systems in homes, but her message is one that is applicable to every family, town and fire department across the United States.

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