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FirePrograms Software has an array of products to fit just about every fire service need

In today's fire service environment, fire service leaders need reliable data and computer software to make their jobs easier. This is the era of do more with less thanks to our dwindling economy.

Because of this dilemma, FirePrograms Software, based in Ocala, Fla., has come up with a collection of diverse software to help fire service personnel perform their jobs easier.

The company has an array of products to fit just about every fire service need. Here are some of their offerings:

Station Manager is a NFIRS Certified reporting package, including all the modules you need to manage daily operations. You track critical data, analyze resource allocation, justify additional resources, or support an ISO audit with customizable, user friendly software.
Its features include:

  • Incident reporting
  • Daily log
  • Personnel management
  • Training records
  • Inventory and bar coding
  • BLS (Non-NEMSIS) reporting
  • Maintenance
  • Company reports

All packages include several shared features to further enhance your software use, such as Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping, calendar, Email (internal and external), database search, user defined fields, and custom reports, plus more than 300 built-in system reports.

Risk Manager allows you to track a wide variety of data on the properties you protect, giving you access to the important details to help facilitate smooth, safe responses. Like Station Manager, this fully integrated package can be used at one station or over a Wide Area Network of multiple stations or offices, using either our Windows or Web-deployed versions.

This program deals with inspections and code enforcement. It also can track inspections and permits, hazmat records, preplans, flow tests of hydrants, hydrant locations and owner occupant history.

Link2 provides staff with critical vehicle data from the engine, transmission, ABS and electrical system network, via an easy-to-use web based dashboard.
With capabilities well beyond NFPA 1901 Vehicle Data Recorder requirements, Link2 provides data to fire departments and service personnel useful for vehicle usage, diagnostics, service history and current vehicle service needs.

This broad range of collected vehicle information enhances your ability to maintain fleet readiness through automatic notification of critical drive train faults and schedule service reminders
Other features include and enable:

  • NFPA 1901 vehicle data recorder capability with data viewable via secure website
  • Automatic notification of service requirements and critical faults sent to specific staff members and fleet service personnel
  • Configure and scheduled electronic and paper based vehicle inspection reports for daily, weekly, monthly and annual vehicle and equipment checks
  • Ability to schedule future maintenance based upon vehicle hours, mileage and component usage
  • View historical vehicle operation via the Web (max speed, fuel usage, ABS events, pump usage)
  • Custom circuit monitoring and alerting capability (Example: water and foam fluid level status, generator and aerial run time, drug box access)
  • Fully configurable wireless communications to the Web via your station WiFi access point.

Eagle Eye Scheduling provides unlimited flexibility in creating and accessing simple or complex shift schedules. It enables you to easily track and maintain shift assignments, trades, Kelly days, sick days and even disaster schedules in an intuitive and powerful interface.

A Web portal can also be utilized to view schedules, submit shift trade requests, and much more, making it easily accessible for staff while reducing administrative time. Eagle Eye Scheduling can be run as a stand-alone scheduling module or seamlessly integrated into other FirePrograms Software packages.

These are only some examples of the software developed by FirePrograms. They have a great website that may answer some of your questions and they also provide regional and in some cases online training for the use of their products.

FirePrograms Software provides emergency service agencies with a range software solutions. For more details, visit them on the Web at

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