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GSO 8856
Department Name Westminster Fire Department
City/State Westminster, MA
Selling Price 532,612
Dealer Jeff Mazza - Bulldog - 617-784-8422
Sales Engineer Jason Witmier
Type Custom PRO Pumper
Chassis Type/Make/Model Predator 100" XLFD w/ 16" Raised Roof, Aluminum Construction
Door/Raised Roof 4 Door
Seating for… 4
Front Bumper/options 20" Front Bumper Extension with Center & Driver Side Hose Well with Cover, Officer Side Hose Well for Pre-Connected Hose
Other Cab EMS Storage Compartment w/Adjustable Shelves and Amdor Luma Bar Lighting
Engine-Make/Model/HP Cummins ISL9 450 HP Engine
Transmission Allison 3000EVS Transmission
Pump/Manufacturer/Model/GPM Waterous CXS, 1500 GPM Single Stage Pump - Mid Mount
Intakes (2) 6", one each side
Discharges 2-1/2" and 4" Officer Side, (2) 1-1/2" Speedlays, (1) 1-1/2" Front Bumper, (1) 2-1/2" Hosebed
Pump Panel PRO Pump Panel in Driver Side Front Compartment
Water Tank-Manufacturer/Model/Capacity 1000 Water Poly Tank 
Foam Cell Size 30 A Foam/20 Gallon B Foam Cells
Foam System-Make/Model/Capacity Waterous Advantus 6 Class A & B Foam
Extra Fills 3" Rear Direct Tank Fill
Body/Material Type PRO Aluminum Body
Hosebed Covers Treadplate Hosebed Covers
Access Ladders Rear Body Access Ladder
Ladder Storage Side of Water Tank (Officer Side)
Suction Storage Slide in Suction Storage each side of body
Roof Storage Compartments Coffin compartments on Driver side of body
Winch Winch receiver point at rear of body
Compartmentation Full Height/Full Depth Driver Side, Full Height/Split Depth Officer Side (29" Deep lower, 14" Deep upper)
Electrical System Predator Chassis Hardwired Electrical System
Warning Lights Code 3 LED Warning Light Package
Light Tower-Manufacturer/Model/Capacity Command Light Shadow SL442D-RT, 12-Volt LED with (4) Spectra light heads
Generator-Manufacturer/Capacity in kW Harrison PTO/HYD Generator, 10.0 MPC Series, 10kW
Overall Height 126" (10' - 6")
Overall Length (feet/inches) 372" (31')
Wheelbase 189"

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