Help First Responders Help you with the Emergency Medical ID Strap

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OHIO - During a medical emergency, there is often a high degree of stress and chaos. If you are ever in need of emergency medical care, those trying to help need to find out as much about you as possible as quickly as possible. Attempting to identify a person and piece together his or her medical history can be time-consuming, frustrating, and dangerous. By compiling accurate information in one convenient and visible place, you are ensuring that more precious time can be spent on administering proper life saving treatment.

The Emergency Medical ID Strap is a patented product that allows for vital medical information to be easily accessed and communicated to those rendering aid.

The Emergency Medical ID Strap Information Pack provides a method of communicating crucial information to EMS in the event that you are unable to. The Emergency Medical Facts ID Strap is specifically designed to capture the attention of emergency personnel while protecting an individual’s privacy.


 Date of Birth/ Sex
 Primary care Physician
 Allergies/Current medications
 Medical Conditions
 Blood Type/ Donor Preference
 Emergency Contact Information
 Preferred medical Facility
 Consent to treat form and more

Growing concerns with homeland security along with heightened awareness of emergency preparedness for natural & man-made disasters is greater than ever before.  Protect yourself and improve emergency preparedness by equipping those you come in contact with Emergency Medical ID Strap.

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