MedixSafe Adds Wi-Fi Features to Popular Line of Narcotics Lockers

Memphis, TN — MedixSafe narcotics locker manufacturer announces the introduction of industrial strength Wi-Fi.  MedixSafe already leads the narcotics security market with multi-credential requirements for their narcotics lockers.  This new feature is highly configurable and supports the widest range of security protocols making integration a snap!  Supporting; WPA, WPA2, WPA2 Enterprise, and the widest range of certificate management support on the market.

Reliability:  Designed to meet the demands of the industrial, automotive, and medical markets, MedixSafe’s wireless device has the widest operating temperature range and highest level of component reliability available.

Warranty:  Wi-Fi comes with 3-year parts, labor, and shipping advanced replacement warranty and a 5-year limited Wi-Fi warranty.

This new Wi-Fi feature promotes the power and efficiency of remote network administration – not only enforcing authorized access, but also tracing access for unprecedented accountability.  Any PC-based computer, with internet access, can be equipped to remotely manage and monitor any number of mobile units.

MedixSafe manufactures high tech narcotics security lockers used by ambulances and emergency vehicles. The MedixSafe  M1  Narcotics Locker set a new standard for narcotics security when they introduced the ambulance trade’s first dual access security solution – incorporating both proximity card readers and PIN pads.  The  M2  Narcotics Locker incorporates both fingerprint scanners and PIN pads, allowing for the highest degree of individual accountability and automated recordkeeping – assuring compliance with new, stricter regulations.

The MedixSafe Research and Development department continuously works on new designs that exceed the latest strict regulations for medical narcotics security.  Earlier this year MedixSafe introduced the  C2  – ClinixSafe, a larger unit for clinics and small pharmacies.  All MedixSafe narcotic lockers are made of heavy gauge steel construction with a durable powder coat finish.

For more information contact MedixSafe toll free at 855-MEDIXSAFE (633-4972) or visit

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