Thief breaks into firefighter's car, steals gear

The thief broke into the firefighter's personal call while they were out on a call

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A thief stole life-saving equipment from an Albuquerque firefighter Monday.

News10 reported that when firefighters were away on calls, a thief took advantage of an empty house.

"When we came back, some guys noticed that some stuff of mine was on the ground," said firefighter Justin Spain.

Spain’s personal car was the target. It was parked in the lot at the station.

"My rescue gear, because I hadn't moved it all in the station yet, had been taken," said Spain. "It's very specialty from everything to clipping into helicopters, to repelling, haul systems."

Spain said a lot of the equipment says "AFD" or "Albuquerque Mountain Rescue" on it. He asked for people to contact APD if they spot anything.

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