Got to get in! LAFD crews use several tools to access building interior

Video underscores the importance of all members having forcible entry skills

Let’s go back to basics for a minute: In order to initiate interior operations at a structure fire, firefighters need to gain access. Without interior access, no interior attack can be made – so we must find a way in.  

Many large departments are going to have companies that are dedicated to certain fireground tasks. The truck company, for example, will be assigned the task of opening the building for access. This will involve forcible entry tactics and tools.

For the smaller departments that do not have dedicated companies, or only have one piece of apparatus responding, forcible entry falls into the category of general need-to-know skills for every firefighter.

In this month’s video, we are witnessing some hard work being performed by the truck company trying to gain access to the building. While watching the video, you will notice a few key points.

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