Rosenbauer Battery Extinguishing System Technology (BEST) now available for sale in North America

“The rise of electric vehicles (EV) in use has quickly brought new risks and challenges for fire departments to solve for. Rosenbauer is committed to the fire service and has worked extensively to develop the BEST tool to support communities in a more safe, easy, and sustainable way. The BEST tool uses thousands of gallons of less water vs. other EV fire suppression methods.” John Slawson, Chairman & CEO of Rosenbauer America

Facing an electric vehicle fire in your community is not a matter of if, but when. Rosenbauer has the safest, most efficient way to respond to this call when it comes. The Rosenbauer Battery Extinguishing System Technology (BEST) is the most advanced system available on the market with six years of research and development, and real-world application testing with automotive partners and fire departments.

Key BEST Product Information and Data:

  • Fast – Simple operation and setup can be achieved in less than 2 minutes; deployment of the piercing nozzle happens in 8 milliseconds gaining internal access to effectively cool all battery pack designs.
  • Efficient – Bringing water exactly where it is needed to effectively cool the battery pack,  modules, and cells from within. The ability to halt a thermal runaway battery pack fire in as little as 10 minutes, flowing at a mere  8 gal/min at 100 PSI, far less than using the current  EV manufacturer safety data  sheets advising a minimum of 8,000  gallons of water to achieve the same results.
  • Safe – The field-proven design keeps the operator 26’ from the involved EV while operating the BEST, limiting exposure to heat and highly toxic fumes released from a lithium-ion battery fire.


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About Rosenbauer America

Rosenbauer is the world’s leading manufacturer of custom fire apparatus and  equipment. Rosenbauer offers the industry’s most comprehensive full line of advanced custom and  commercial pumpers, heavy rescues, tenders, mini and  rescue  pumpers, aerial  ladders,  and  platforms  featuring  SMART  Aerial™ Technology and the RTX fully electric fire truck.

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