IAFC Receives Motorola Solutions Foundation Grant for Institute's Third Year

Fairfax, Va. (Feb 2015)  – Based on the success of the first two Fire Service Executive Development Institutes (FSEDI), the IAFC received a grant from Motorola Solutions Foundation (MSF) to fund another year of the program. FSEDI is a program developed by the IAFC to provide new and aspiring chiefs with the tools they need to have a successful and productive tenure. The 2015 session is the third program funded by the MSF in conjunction with the IAFC.

The yearlong program is open to new (one year or less in the position) and aspiring (currently applying for chief positions or in department's succession plan) chiefs who have demonstrated a commitment to career advancement and enhancing the fire and emergency service through their leadership.

During the year, members of the cohort meet three times for sessions conducted at a conference center in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Experts from the fire and emergency service and the private sector cover many topics, including:

•    ethics
•    leadership in the new era
•    emerging concepts in organizational design and delivery
•    effective use of science and data
•    budgeting and spend management
•    labor–management relations
•    how to be successful in recruiting and hiring processes.

This program differs from other executive-level programs in the fire service in that the focus is on real-world and emerging issues around these subjects. As one member of the first FSEDI cohort said, "These sessions cover materials I never learned in any of the other 'chief schools' I attended."

Members of the cohort will have assignments to complete between sessions in addition to maintaining communications and networking via an online community. They'll also participate in mentoring and coaching opportunities. Members of the 2015 FSEDI cohort will also be introduced to the members of the first two programs as part of expanding their professional networks.

"The FSEDI Program exceeded my expectations in terms of top shelf level of presenters and mentors that have shared their experiences in all facets of the fire service,” said Assistant Fire Chief Brian Fennessey, San Diego Fire Department (FSEDI 2014). “In addition, the rapid team building and shared experience among the diverse group of FSEDI cohorts was not expected and has provided for new relationships and networks that will last a lifetime."

The program is limited to 20–22 members, and it looks to have a diverse group representing all regions of the United States and Canada, from various size and types of fire/EMS departments. Chief officers accepted into the program will be awarded a scholarship to cover the cost of transportation, housing and meals for the on-site sessions.

Information on applying for the 2015 FSEDI is available on the IAFC's FSEDI webpage. Applications are due no later than Monday, March 16, at 5 PM ET.

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