Cool Draft Scientific Offers Heat Stress Solutions With New Cooling Vests

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Bellaire, OH - Ohio based Cool Draft Scientific unveils new products and heat stress solutions for firefighters, EMS, and Sports teams. Cool Draft now offers mist cooling fans, cooling vests and core cooling packages to limit the effects of heat stress. By implementing a comprehensive rehab standard operating procedure combined with the proper equipment, the liability and dangers of heat stress are greatly reduced.

There has been a lot of controversy lately with the death of a high school football player from Kentucky. In this particular incident, the coach is being charged with the negligent death of his student who suffered from heat stress.

Rich Leu, a spokesperson with Cool Draft Scientific explains, "with the addition of cooling vests and neckbands, used in conjunction with misting fans and proper hydration, Cool Draft has developed an overall plan to fight heat stress." "Our goal is to educate our customers how to keep their personnel safe and cool. Not just by selling them cooling equipment, but by implementing a standard operating procedure designed to keep people safe during extreme heat conditions."

Cool Draft Scientific offers three new types of cooling vests as well as cooling neckbands designed to cool key points of interest in protecting the body's core temperatures. Cool Draft Scientific has also brought back the Rehab Package, due to great demand. "Our customers like the fact they can place one order and get all the equipment they need for cooling. We now have packages specifically designed for sidelines." For more information on Cool Draft's new product line, please contact a representative at or call toll free at 877-676-1140.

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