FR1 Survey: Rescue Equipment

In early November of 2012, FireRescue1 conducted a survey on Rescue Equipment use and trends in the industry. We have posted the results to the survey below. They represent a poll of 177 firefighters.


94% of departments provide auto extrication.

35% of those polled list their highest level of rescue certification as Technician.

See the rest of the survey results below:

Question 1: Which best describes your purchasing power within your department?

SUMMARY: 31% of respondents influence the final purchasing decision.

Question 2: How large is your department?

of respondents have a department size of 50 firefighters or less.

Question 3: What type of rescue does your fire department provide (check all that apply)?

SUMMARY: 94% of respondents fire departments provide auto extrication.

Question 4: What is your highest level of rescue certification?

SUMMARY: 35% of those polled listed Technician as thier highest level of rescue certification.

Question 5: How many rescue operations does your department perform on average per year?

SUMMARY: Nearly 42% of respondents departments perform 0-10 rescue operations per year.

Question 6: Which rescue discipline are you most interested in learning more about?

SUMMARY: Over 52% of respondents would like to learn more about auto extrication.

Question 7: How old is your newest piece of extrication equipment?

SUMMARY: Nearly 33% of respondents listed the age of thier extrication equipment at 1-3 years old.

Question 8: How do you fund major rescue equipment purchases?

SUMMARY: 65% of respondents fund major rescue equipment purchases with a combination of municipal fire department budget, federal or private grant money, and private fundraising.

For even more information and resources on Rescue Equipment, visit the FireRescue1 Rescue Equipment product section.

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