New technology to improve firefighter safety and efficiency

By Jerry Knapp
Fire Engineering

As your truck turns the corner, you see fire pushing out one window of a single-family house and heavy smoke turning to fire out a second window. It is 0232 hours, the house is in a good neighborhood, two cars and three bicycles are in the driveway, and a kids' playhouse and a street hockey goal are near the garage.

Your halligan and flathead ax make quick work of the door. Using your thermal imaging camera (TIC), you lead your team in, up the stairs, and into the bedroom. You see the outline of a child; your partner quickly grabs her, and you exit the building.

Consider the technology you used at this fire: a halligan, a tried and trusted tool; and the TIC, which allowed you to see through the smoke to make the rescue — unimaginable just 10 years ago.

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