ImageTrend's ePCR Solutions Officially EMSTARS Compliant

LAKEVILLE, MN - ImageTrend’s Service Bridge and Field Bridge version 4.3 are now certified to be officially compliant with the State of Florida’s EMSTARS requirements. This compliance certification is based upon requirements from the Bureau of EMS in Florida to ensure that the software can collect information meeting the state’s requirements and submit it to the state.

“Obtaining EMSTARS compliance was very important both to ImageTrend and the customers we serve in the State of Florida. It will ensure that data collected at the local agency level by our customers will be quickly passed to the state of Florida and ultimately to NEMSIS,” said Joe Graw, Implementation Manager at ImageTrend.

The Service Bridge and the Field Bridge had to go through a verification process to become EMSTARS compliant. A licensed Florida provider agency needed to create ePCR files to submit to EMSTARS, where the data was extracted and tested based on the data elements, field values, validation rules and information within the Florida EMS Data Dictionary.

Another requirement for EMSTARS compliancy is that vendors must be NEMSIS Certified. ImageTrend’s ePCR solutions have been NEMSIS Gold compliant since 2006 and were recertified for version 4 in 2009. ImageTrend is committed to supporting the national data set, along with regional data sets, as we understand their positive impact on convenient data exchange and the potential role that EMS data plays in improving health care.

Several agencies in Florida are currently using ImageTrend’s EMS software with great success, including Columbia County, Lee County and Orlando Health.
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