Virginia Awards ImageTrend Prehopsital Patient Care Reporting System Contract

LAKEVILLE, MN  - The Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) announced that ImageTrend has been awarded the Commonwealth of Virginia contract to replace the current prehospital patient care reporting (PPCR) program with a NEMSIS Gold Certified EMS Information System. The ImageTrend system will provide both state data collection and field electronic patient care reporting abilities that include:
State Database (State Bridge)

* 100% Web-based system.
* Direct entry of data into the PPCR database.
* Agency leadership will have direct access to their agency's data with over 100 standard reports.
* Performance improvements features that include the ability to perform medical reviews, document QA performed, set benchmarks and more.
* Communication tools to provide feedback on data submission and compliance status.
* Agency level customization including work flow process, knowledge base for agency policies and resources, ability to develop provider certification management and more.
* Increased data analysis and reporting features for OEMS.
* Computer based learning so agencies and providers can learn how to use the State Bridge and Field Bridge any time.

Field Software (Field Bridge ePCR)

* OEMS has secured a statewide license for ImageTrend's Field Bridge. Virginia Licensed EMS agencies will have access to electronic PPCR software at no cost. Agencies can choose to secure the field laptop/notebooks to utilize this software.
* The Field Bridge, like the State Bridge, is customizable on the agency level so agencies can adjust their ePCR program based on agency protocols and processes.
* OEMS is exploring every avenue available to support agencies with obtaining the needed equipment to utilize the ePCR.

Details about the features available, technical information, training plans and implementation will be posted and distributed by the Office of EMS as they become available. Official and up-to-date information can be found on the OEMS website and distributed as it becomes available. Agencies can prepare by assuring their agency has Internet access at the location data will be submitted from and that the Office of EMS has up-to-date information on your agency head on file with the Division of Regulation and Compliance.

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