5 innovative technologies developed by first responders

Check them out and see how they can benefit your department

In the fire service, there are many ways to keep your crews and civilians safe. Here are five products recently developed by first responders that do just that. Check them out and see how they can benefit your department.

Roof Operations Safety (ROS) platform
Firefighter Derron Suchodolski, president of Practical Fire Equipment, saw a need for firefighters’ roof operations safety after his department experienced budget cuts. The Roof Operations Safety Platform provides a safe and solid place for your foot when you need to leave the safety of the ladder. Learn more

Quickstop Talon
San Diego firefighter Matt Scarpuzzi’s Quickstop Talon is designed to fit most sprinkler heads on the market, regardless of what condition they’re in, and has been developed by a guy who got fed up with the lack of options out there and decided to create his own. Learn more

Storm shelter location app
After a devastating tornado rolled through Moore, Okla., last May, Lt. Shonn Neidel knew his phone could be the key in streamlining disaster response by using precise location in the aftermath of a tornado. Learn more

Quick Step Anchor
Capt. Robert Duffy, a 19-year veteran of the Springfield (Mass.) Fire Department, invented the Quick Step Anchor to provide firefighters with a sturdy platform while conducting vertical-ventilation operations. Learn more

Steven van Aperen, who worked as an officer in Victoria, Australia, designed TrackerAssist to be used as an electronic medic alert for the elderly and those with illnesses so family and emergency services can be contacted and notified of the person’s location instantly. Learn more

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