1445 Designs presents the Blackjack Helmet Flashlight Holder

PHOENIX, Ariz. - New from 1445 Designs, the Blackjack Helmet Flashlight Holder.  The Blackjack is designed by a firefighter to exceed the demands of both firefighting and firefighters.

The Blackjack is not technology that is adapted form another industry for the fire service - this holder was born from a need of line firefighters in Phoenix Arizona, and others across the Nation. That need was for a hands-free lighting solution that directed the light where firefighters need it, without altering the fit or balance of the helmet. This is accomplished by the Blackjack's patented, revolutionary under-the-brim design. The Blackjack’s design allows for a three-point contact rather than the single point cantilever design found with other holders on the market. The Blackjack, through this design, significantly reduces the possibility for entanglement, or having the light knocked off due to falling debris. Do not be fooled by cheap copies, the Blackjack is made in the USA from aircraft quality 6061 aluminum. The Blackjack fits all major 4-AA lights, and both modern and traditional style helmets. 

(Note: Three point contact found on modern style helmets, two point contact found on traditional style helmets)

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