Life safety rope: 3 options for how to deploy it during rescues

All companies should carry a rescue rope for emergency situations for themselves or victims in need of a quick save

I have always been one to take a look at my surroundings, more specifically, new construction and construction types and features in my territory. It seems my territory changes every day, as I am seeing construction features that have never been in my district, or city for that matter.

Not only do I pay attention to these changes, I plan and respond with new training for my crew. Do you? We all should.

In my district, real estate is prime and expensive. Developers are building six-story wood-frame, multi-family dwellings with interior hallways and center courtyard complete with a pool on the top floor of a three-story concrete parking garage. Some even cover a six-city-block footprint.

One constant and reliable major oversight of every construction project is fire department access. It’s as if they go out of their way to limit aerial access. Long setbacks, tight parking lots filled with cars, curbside parking, dog walking pocket parks, decorative entrances and overhead powerlines often impede access needed for emergency operations at these buildings … and now, buildings being built on the third story of a parking garage.

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