The Innovative CG Power Cutter is Easily Portable and Needs No External Power

Long Island, NY- TLR Technologies introduces the CG Power Cutter, an innovation within the field of cutting rescue equipment. The CG Power Cutter has been developed for civil and military use. The two main advantages of the CG Power Cutter are its portability and kinetic energy, which means no need for external power!!

Fire and rescue have used this tool to help cut away objects such as pillars, pedals and steering wheel columns. This tool has also been used to cut away iron bars and tubes found on trains and airplanes. Since this tool is so portable every police officer and fire truck can be equipped with this tool.

Electric companies can also appreciate and benefit from the use of the CG Power Cutter. If a cable needs to be cut, now there is a portable tool capable of cutting the wires. Not only is this tool beneficial in cutting wires it is also beneficial in cutting tree branches that may be obstructing the wire.

After viewing the CG Power Cutter presentation, one can easily see that it is light weight, versatile, easy to use and has great potential to save many lives in many extreme situations because of its time saving capabilities. Its portability makes it suitable to respond to accidents in rough terrain or collapsed buildings where space is limited or access is restricted.

TLR Technologies is dedicated on educating people within the field of search and rescue on the latest and most innovative technology. Visit us on our website .

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