Oregon-Based Fire Hose Roller Manufacturer Announces New Distributor: Firequip, Inc. Takes On Municipal Distribution of The Rookie Sidekick

Bend, OR - Deschutes River Manufacturing (DRM), an Oregon-based company, has turned a solid client/customer relationship with North Carolina-based Firequip, Inc. into a mutually beneficial business relationship. Firequip, Inc. is a manufacturer of high-quality fire hose produced with the latest technology and designed to last, even in the most severe conditions. The two companies have worked together on several hose roller modifications over the past few years and have formed a strong bond and mutual respect for one another.

As of this month, DRM is excited to announce that Firequip, Inc. will take on the role of nation-wide distributor of The Rookie Sidekick Fire Hose Management Systems to the municipal fire market. Having put to test a modified Rookie fire hose roller for the past several years on their hose manufacturing line and being instrumental in the development of DRM’s newest product model – The Sidewinder ReLoader by Firequip – the company is a perfect match for representing the entire Rookie Sidekick product line.

The Rookie Sidekick, is a light-weight, portable, motorized fire hose roller that can be mounted onto any receiver hitch or run from a portable stand. After hoses are rolled, The Rookie Reloader can be used to transform the hose roller's portable stand into an efficient hose handling system. The Reloader allows easy transportation of the rolled hose from the testing/cleaning area to the storage area and reduces the labor needed to re-load and re-deck fire hose onto engines. The Rookie Sidekick is available in a 3” model for up to 3” hose and an All-in-One model for rolling up to 7.25” hose. Both sizes are available in gas or electric versions.

"We are excited at the prospects and opportunities that this relationship will bring", said David Johnston, owner of Deschutes River Manufacturing. "After working closely together on several product modifications, and with the knowledge and expertise that Firequip brings to the table, we are very optimistic."

Over the last 30 years the Firequip team has created a network of fire equipment distributors dedicated to serving the fire service industry with the highest quality fire hose for all applications. Based on the fundamental business principles of competitive pricing, timely delivery, and superior customer service, Firequip fills an important void in the fire service industry with its emphasis on quick turnaround of orders.With Firequip’s broad range of fire hose products, we found the Rookie Sidekick Hose Management Systems to be a complement to our hose”, said Sam Campbell, VP of Firequip, Inc.  “I personally feel this innovative hose roller system is a true necessity for all Fire Departments, both career and volunteer. With the Sidewinder Reloader by Firequip, the unit actually drives itself into the hose without dragging, which could cause premature wear on the hose. The Rookie Sidekick Systems are the most versatile and easy to use hose rollers on the market.”


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