Hydrant Master helps you take control

Remote controlled device means firefighter can be freed up once the connection is made

The luxury of having added firefighting personnel operating on the fireground is probably a thing of the past. With firefighter layoffs and station brownouts or downright closings taking place all around the country, the fireground commander has to think outside the box to survive.

A new product that would free up a firefighter on the fireground has been developed by TFT (Task Force Tips).

Traditionally, if you have to lay in a supply line from a hydrant, you have to have a firefighter standing by after connecting the supply line to the hydrant connection.

Photo TFT
Photo TFT

The firefighter must then wait for the order by radio or hand signal to manually open the hydrant for water flow.

But thanks to the remote controlled Hydrant Master, that firefighter can be freed up once the connection is made.

With the device, the apparatus operator can open or close the hydrant valve supplying the water by remote control when needed.

Hydrant Master is a lightweight, low friction-loss hydrant valve that can be used in many water distribution applications on the fireground.

The valve is powered by four AA batteries, pressure activated and equipped with a power-save mode.

A handheld controller with pressure display and valve position feedback controls the valve up to 1,200 feet away.

Both the valve and handheld are provided with backlighting in low light situations, and the valve opens and closes with a sliding plug in compliance with NFPA 1965 slow close requirements.

The valve's position is controlled by operating a control valve, which can be moved manually, operated electronically from push buttons on the valve, or by wireless remote control.

Check out TFT's website for a video of how this neat product works and also check out their other products in their online catalog.

If you have ever used any of TFT's nozzles or other hydrant control valves, you already know how their products hold up over time. This company only manufactures heavy duty fire service proven products.

TFT provides first responders with a range of agent delivery solutions. Visit them on the Web at www.tft.com for more information.

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