Elkhart Brass Announces the Unibody Apparatus Valve

ELKHART, Ind. - Elkhart is proud to introduce the answer to your apparatus valve needs — the Unibody — a cross-compatible apparatus valve. The Unibody has been designed to be dimensionally identical to Akron Brass heavy-duty apparatus valves with a single body design to simplify both configuration and installation. Additionally, the Unibody valve features bi-directional flow.

A unique feature of the Unibody valve actuator is the ability to be easily interchanged among the various Unibody valve sizes. It alsoallows you to install the valve — then select the actuator or change actuators easily without breaking the waterway. With just 4 bolts, you can change the actuator on any Unibody valve. Your 2-step selection process: pick a valve size and pick an actuator.

To order, call Elkhart Brass at 800-346-0250 • 574-295-8330 •

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