Featured Fire Exhaust Removal Systems Video

Tacoma FD TV Show Releases PSA on Importance of Having a Plymovent Exhaust Extraction System

For 3 seasons now, the Tacoma FD TV show has been using Plymovent vehicle exhaust extraction systems on their set and are happy to share their great experiences in a newly produced Public Service Announcement (PSA). Featuring two star cast members of the show, in a light-hearted fashion they discuss the importance of a Plymovent exhaust extraction system and of course to “#HookUptheHose.”

Find out more on our website: https://www.plymovent.com/us/about-plymovent/press-releases/tacoma-fd-tv-show-releases-psa Facebook community #HookUpTheHose: https://www.facebook.com/hookupthehose

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