New True View Digital DVD from MPH Industries Sets Itself Apart

What Sets True View Digital DVD Apart from Other Digital Systems?

It could have saved this department $43,443

Before True View was available, a department recently spent $44,100 for a computer server to store 2000 hours of video. With True View, they would only need $667 worth of re-recordable DVD disks. What could your department do with an additional $43,433? Their dilemma was that most digital systems require the video to be stored on a computer server. A typical server using RAID (redundancy to eliminate lost data) costs between $10 to $30 dollars per hour of video stored. In addition, servers require periodic maintenance and software support, meaning that there will be a yearly cost to keep the server running.In contrast, True View Digital DVD lets you store the video on DVD+RW disks. These disks only cost 15¢ to 30¢ per hour of video, only 1 percent of the cost of a server. Each disk can be reused up to 1000 times.

It can eliminate expensive playback devices

Every other digital video technology requires you to play your recordings on a computer. Even DVD-RAM systems, which have been advertised under the generic name of "DVD", have to be played on a special computer drive. You need these for the precinct, for the courtrooms, and for the prosecutor. This is not the case with the True View Digital DVD system. You can use a consumer DVD player, and you can also play the video on any computer that has a DVD drive.

It can eliminate questions of video alteration

With most digital video formats, the only way to prove that the video has not been altered is to bring several people to court to testify about the chain of evidence. Everyone knows that digital video can be edited, so you will have to testify to your safeguards for preventing this. Even if you use wireless downloading, you will have to testify what happens to the video at every step of the process.In contrast, True View Digital DVD makes it easy to present digital video in court. It lets you preserve the original video disk, so you can take it to court. You can testify that it is the same disk that was in your car. Also, the original disk cannot be modified without affecting all subsequent video. If you choose to use one-time writeable DVD+R disks, they cannot be altered by anyone after they are removed from the True View system. True View eliminates hidden costs

Competing systems often have hidden costs: extra software expenses for the in-car system, special "back-end" hardware and software, software licenses, etc. They also often require you to pay yearly license fees to keep using the equipment you purchased. With True View Digital DVD, you only pay for the system once. There are no hidden fees lurking in the background to surprise you after you buy it.

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