Beaumont Fire Department Wins Four SmartDock™ Gen2 SCBA Holders

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Westfield, Ind. – Beaumont Fire Department, located in southeast Texas and serving a population of 116,000, was the winner of four SmartDock™ Gen 2 SCBA holders at the LifeGuard Technologies® booth at the 2009 Fire Rescue International show.

Asst. Chief Charles Mullins, whose name was selected from about 120 entered in the drawing, said that after two weeks of experience with the product, he’s ready to equip his entire fleet of 12 pumpers and three aerials.

“You all hit a technological home run with that one,” he quipped. “All the feedback has been real positive. [Firefighters] don’t have to fight with the release mechanism, so it probably saves them around 15 seconds each time they have to get out of the truck.”

In addition to the time savings, Asst. Chief Mullins also noted the important psychological benefit of trustworthy equipment. “Well functioning equipment makes a difference to firefighters, so they feel they’re able to do their jobs effectively. They feel better about what they’re doing.”

Mullins anticipates improvement in the use of seat belts on the truck equipped with SmartDock SCBA holders. “Some of the guys have probably stopped using their belts consistently because it’s so difficult to get out of the seat,” Asst. Chief Mullins commented. “Hopefully this will improve compliance with our seat belt policy.”

SmartDock is the only hands-free SCBA holder for fire apparatus. This innovative system provides single-motion insertion of the SCBA, holds the cylinder securely in place while in transit and releases using no straps or levers.

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The LifeGuard Technologies division of IMMI®, based in Westfield, Ind., is making the job safer with seat belt systems and advanced occupant protection products tailored for highway vehicles and off-highway equipment. Utilizing a modern crash-test facility, sophisticated engineering and advanced manufacturing operations, LifeGuard develops and supplies innovative, proven restraint systems and airbag protection for customers worldwide.

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