Heavy-Duty Vehicle Maintenance Equipment

ARI-HETRA is the U.S. manufacturer of a full line of heavy-duty vehicle maintenance equipment. With over 36 years of experience, we are known for quality products around the world, including our mobile lifting system, exhaust extraction system and heavy-duty wheel service equipment.

ARI-HETRA Mobile Lifting System: A lifting product capable of servicing all types of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment, there are no limitations regarding vehicle weight, wheelbase or configuration. Because of its mobility, the ARI-HETRA system eliminates the cost associated with expensive in-ground structures or pits, and alleviates virtually all EPA regulatory compliance issues. The ARI-HETRA self-contained re-circulating ball screw, computer controlled synchronized electronics and independent safety system, all combine to prove why ARI is the industry's premier innovator of mobile lifting systems.

ARI-HETRA Exhaust Extraction System: Fully automatic and custom designed to suit your specific needs with high temperature, CNG and LNG Hoses, and SAFE CONNECT™ system, allowing a moving apparatus to remain connected until it exits the station, capturing exhaust at the source. ARI factory trained installation technicians will help you choose and install the right system, staying with you from start to finish.

ARI-HETRA Wheel Service: Products designed to service heavy-duty vehicle tires quickly, safely and effortlessly, and to maximize time and reduce risks. We offers tire changers, inflation systems and wheel balancers to meet your needs, no matter the size.

ARI-HETRA products are dependable, flexible, durable and environmentally safe. Our quality has never been duplicated. The engineering design continues to progress with customer needs and advancements in technology, materials and manufacturing methods. Safety is central to the design of our equipment. Our unique design features and user-satisfaction have never been equaled.

For additional information, contact ARI-HETRA, 7251 Coppermine Drive, Manassas, VA 20109. Phone: (703) 359-6265 Fax: (703) 359-6405 Email: webmaster@ari-hetra.com. Website at www.ari-hetra.com.

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