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DENVER — Denver International Airport, or DIA, with over 50 square miles of land area and over a mile of underground transit tunnels, is the largest airport in the United States.  To respond to emergencies across these vast distances, Aircraft Rescue and Fire of the Denver Fire Department trains constantly to ensure they can tackle any emergency in this unique environment.  DFD recently upgraded three of their aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) trucks, and to provide video recording on these large and impressive vehicles, they chose a Safety Vision camera system.  We spoke with Lieutenant Johnson to learn more about how his Safety Vision solution enhances the effectiveness of his team.

Can you tell us about the vehicles you’re responsible for equipping and the environment in which you operate them?  What unique challenges do you face?

We have camera systems installed on all of our assigned Aircraft and Rescue Fire Fighting vehicles.  We have 12 ARFF rigs but opted to install the 4100 recorders on the frontline apparatus.  The three older rigs are being replaced this year (2018) so the decision was made to wait and order the replacement apparatus with the new recording system.

Every aircraft accident is scrutinized in detail.  Camera systems and the associated recording equipment become crucial in helping the NTSB and the FAA complete their investigations.

The Observer™ 4100 is a terrific choice for this installation.  A lot of Safety Vision clients have collision avoidance systems that help them navigate their vehicles and enhance their situational awareness.  Adding a recorder to this setup then provides the many additional benefits of having a video recording.

What aspect or quality led you to choose a Safety Vision solution? 

We had Safety Vision Products installed on some of our existing apparatus.  We had an older version on several rigs and had the 4100 system on three of the 12 apparatus.  The decision was made to up-grade the entire fleet to the same system to simplify maintenance and training.

The system has been reliable and tech support is available locally.  The system was also in the price range we were looking for.

Safety Vision takes a lot of pride in offering diverse solutions that provide budget flexibility so that as many agencies as possible can enjoy the benefits of our equipment.  What effects on your job has our solution provided you?  Are you safer and more productive?

Fortunately, we have not had a major incident.  We have had a couple of incidents that needed to be looked at by the FAA and the recordings provided met their needs.

We are glad our solution can help the DFD meet the requirements of federal agencies like the FAA.  Additionally, one of our favorite benefits is that recorded video provides an incredibly valuable training aid.  Training sessions can be reviewed an analyzed, areas that need improvement can be identified, and successful working methods can be highlighted.

Did you require our technicians to install your solution?  Have you required any other after-sale support?

We have worked with a local company to install and maintain the systems.  We use AV-TECH Electronics based in Golden, Colorado.

Safety Vision maintains a team of our own specialized installation technicians and in this instance was happy to work with a third-party provider.

Safety Vision is proud to work with the Denver Fire Department and we are extremely pleased the Observer 4100 was the right solution for their ARFF needs.  Our recording camera systems can enhance nearly any first responder vehicle, adding real advantages that not only meet your agency’s compliance requirements, but actively help your team work better and smarter.  Please contact a Safety Vision Account Executive today at to discuss your solution!

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