IMMI Introduces CargoBuckle & BoatBuckle Tie-Down Products to Fire and Rescue Market at FDIC

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Indianapolis, Ind. –– IMMI, an industry leader in the design, testing and manufacturing of advanced safety systems for fire and emergency vehicles, will introduce its line of CargoBuckle and BoatBuckle tie-down products to the fire and rescue market at the FDIC show in Indianapolis, running from March 24 to March 26.

CargoBuckle and BoatBuckle retractable ratcheting tie-downs by IMMI are fast, convenient tools that are there when firefighters need them and out of the way when they don’t.

“IMMI has offered CargoBuckle and BoatBuckle tie-down products to outdoor enthusiasts for many years, but only recently have we realized the potential for these products in the fire market,” said Will Dodson, Sales Manager for IMMI Fire Products. “Whether they’re responding to a water emergency or an off-road distress call, firefighters and rescue professionals need their boat and utility vehicle equipment to be quick-to-launch and easy to transport.”

Today, fire departments typically utilize generic tie-downs that can be easily lost, are difficult to release, and leave firefighters fumbling with excess webbing that can get tangled in equipment parts.

CargoBuckle and BoatBuckle tie-downs can be permanently mounted on trailers, trucks, ladder racks and in various other applications, making them conveniently available at all times for safe, efficient hauling. CargoBuckle and BoatBuckle tie-downs also feature self-storing web that automatically retracts when not in use. To secure gear, simply “Hook, Ratchet and Go!” Upon arriving at a scene, first responders can quickly release the tension on the strap and drive equipment off their trailer within seconds.

To learn more about CargoBuckle and BoatBuckle tie-downs and accessories, visit IMMI Booth #4339 at the Indiana Convention Center during the FDIC trade show or visit to see a list of fire dealers who currently distribute these products.

IMMI is seeking loose equipment dealers and distributors interested in selling CargoBuckle and BoatBuckle tie-downs directly to the aftermarket. Prospective distributors can call IMMI at 866.765.5835.

About IMMI

For more than 50 years, IMMI, based in Westfield, Ind., has been an industry leader in the design, testing and manufacturing of advanced safety systems. IMMI produces hundreds of innovative products for various sectors, including the commercial vehicle, fire/ambulance, child seating, school bus and motorcoach industries. A well-established global presence with facilities in North America, Asia and Europe, IMMI brings safety to people throughout the world.

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