Wheeled Coach Introduces "THE GENERAL" Next Generation Generator Ambulance

Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc. announced today the introduction of The General – their next generation generator powered modular ambulance. The General is an independently powered Type One ambulance utilizing a generator, thus eliminating all electrical loads from the chassis. Dual converters convert the generator power to the 12 VDC and the Wheeled Coach self-diagnostic printed circuit board routes the power and virtually eliminates electrical problems, simplifying maintenance as well. Access to the circuit board is conveniently provided in an outside compartment. Dual redundancy “FailSafe” switching is standard in this generator powered ambulance to allow the chassis to handle the 12 VDC loads in the unlikely event of generator malfunction. LED warning lights are also standard and minimize electric load and maximize reliability. Climate control is provided by a heat pump which is digitally controlled and operated from generator power as well.

Bob Collins, president of Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc., stated “We’re pleased to offer this next generation generator ambulance to the marketplace. As the largest ambulance manufacturer in the industry, Wheeled Coach is constantly looking for ways to provide higher quality and more reliable units to all sectors of the emergency and fire service industry. We believe The General fulfills that need. As we have continued to focus on the FireMedic Series product line, we saw a definite need to provide a better quality generator module for certain regions of the country. The General is a compilation of significant research and development, as well the tremendous customer input and evaluation.”

Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc., based in Orlando, Florida is the world’s largest manufacturer of ambulances (including medical attack vehicles, rescue vehicles and fire emergency vehicles). Wheeled Coach distributes a full line of ambulances through their global sales network as well as offering a factory direct sales and customer service organization.

Wheeled Coach is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Collins Industries, Inc., North America's largest producer of Type "A" small school buses, the nation's second largest manufacturer of terminal trucks and a leader in the road construction and industrial sweeper markets. Since 1971, the Company has grown to over 1,000 employees in six plants, comprising over one million combined square feet of manufacturing space. The Company sells its products throughout the United States and abroad.

For more information or to arrange a personal demonstration, call (800) 422-8206. Visit the Wheeled Coach website at

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