Wheeled Coach Introduces The Next Generation Moduvan

Wheeled Coach, the world’s largest ambulance manufacturer, is excited about the recent introduction of its new 2004/2005 Moduvan for the EMS industry.

Paul Holzapfel, Sales Manager for Wheeled Coach stated, “These units were designed and built around exact response requirements of local emergency service systems.”

Innovative features in this new Moduvan include increased room in the cab for driver and passenger seats, the curbside and rear entrance doors were raised to full height, a pull-out tilt-down oxygen rack is located horizontally in the squad bench to lower the center of gravity, a wide vertical backboard storage is located on the face of the squad bench, and battery and spare tire compartments are located on the exterior of the unit.

Incorporating a 9” wider floor than Type II models, the 1500lb usable payload capacity in the Moduvan meets all KKK-A1822-E payload requirements.

This new Moduvan carries a lifetime cabinet and lifetime electrical warranty, and the 138” X 84” wide all aluminum modular body carries a 15yr warranty which is also remountable.

Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc., based in Orlando, Florida is the world’s largest manufacturer of ambulances (including medical attack vehicles, rescue vehicles and fire emergency vehicles). Wheeled Coach distributes a full line of ambulances through their global sales network as well as offering a factory direct sales and customer service organization.

Wheeled Coach is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Collins Industries, Inc., North America's largest producer of  Type "A" small school buses, the nation's second largest manufacturer of terminal trucks and a leader in the road construction and industrial sweeper markets. Since 1971, the Company has grown to over 1,000 employees in six plants, comprising over one million combined square feet of manufacturing space. The
Company sells its products throughout the United States and abroad.

For more information or to arrange a personal demonstration, call (800) 422-8206. Visit the Wheeled Coach website at

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