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Emergency Vehicle Traffic Signal Preemption GPS - Fire Chief Dan Sink, Goshen Indiana

Emergency Vehicle Traffic Signal Preemption GPS - Fire Chief Dan Sink, Goshen Indiana

Fire Chief Danny Sink of Goshen, Indiana discusses the two+ years the city has used the Eliminator Emergency Vehicle Preemption system. The Eliminator is a  GPS and 900 MHz radio based Traffic Signal Preemption System with many patented features that compares in cost to Optical Systems. The Eliminator is "Optical Compatible" which simply means if you have an existing optical system you can upgrade your existing preemption system over time while still using your current system.  This multi-patented system compares in cost to Optical Systems which means you do not need to wait through a lengthy and extensive grant process to reduce response times and safety.

With an industry leading 3 mile range from the 900 MHz radio the Eliminator Traffic Preemption system will ensure you get the maximum benefit from preemption. Changing the light to green from longer safe distance allows civilians to safely come to a stop and ensures your Emergency Vehicle has the right of way which solves the question of liability in the event of an accident.

Additionally the Eliminator Traffic Signal Preemption System comes with patented "Collision Avoidance". This v2v (vehicle to vehicle) functionality does not require an equipped traffic signal unit to function, hence it will work in rural areas without traffic signals. The Collision Avoidance features of the GPS Traffic Signal Preemption System will notify emergency vehicles of impending collisions with other emergency vehicles. This feature also works for transit buses or any other equipped vehicle.
For more information please visit http://collisioncontrol.net


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