Check the tension


By Mark van der Feyst

The chain needs to run through a groove guide in the bar of the saw. This guide keeps the chain spinning in a straight line.

The chain has teeth on the bottom that run through the guide of the bar. The depth of the teeth determines how loose the chain can be while operating and being effective. The tension can be adjusted to either make the chain tighter or give a little slack.

To determine the correct tension, with the saw at rest and turned off, pull up on the chain to see how far out it plays from the guide bar. If the teeth are still residing within the bar, the tension is good. If the teeth are extended well beyond the bar, then it needs to be tightened. If the chain cannot be pulled away from the bar at all, it is too tight and needs some slack. The saw will only work well if all components are working well, including the chain tension.


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