Toledo Fire Department Deploys First Water Equipment

On January 19 the City of Toledo, Oregon issued a 48 water conservation notice to the public.   After three days of heavy rains and flooding, the city water treatment facility had become inundated with mud and debris from the storm drainage system.  Fire Chief Will Ewing explained that the water supply had become so muddy that it could no longer be treated.

During the event, the Toledo Fire Department deployed it's FW-720-M, water purification unit capable of 720 gallons per hour.  The city had purchased the equipment during the previous budget cycle with a combination of city funds and grant money.  They system was set up at a local fire station and rainwater was diverted from a roof top into a 3,000 gallon Supply Station where it was held prior to treatment.  Approximately 1,500 gallons was collected.  After the water was treated, it was packaged in 3 gallon AquaBags for final distribution to the public.  

To ensure water quality, samples were tested at the city water treatment facility.  Water treated with the FW-720-M was shown to exceed the standards set by the city for drinking water.  "The system works and the water tastes great" said Ewing.

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