AEM elevates visibility of high-risk wildfire locations with enhancements to FTS360 and Wildfire PTZ Camera Solutions

New innovations amplify situational awareness and improve response using actionable insights and intelligent camera technology

GERMANTOWN, MD – AEM, the essential source for environmental insights, today announced the release of several enhancements for its FTS360 platform and Wildfire PTZ Camera to quickly detect and respond to wildfires. FTS360 is a secure and reliable cloud-based IoT platform that combines fire weather conditions and actionable insights with innovative smart camera technology to improve situational awareness and visibility into high-risk wildfire locations.

The new SmartGT capability for FTS360 uses intelligent algorithms powered by the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network®(ENTLN), the industry’s most comprehensive lightning data, to pinpoint lightning risk within a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera viewshed. SmartGT automatically alerts key personnel to add the high-risk location to their guard tour to view the latest images within seconds and easily watch for wildfire ignitions.

“Lightning causes around 70% of the wildfires in the Western US and often in remote areas where it is difficult to verify a wildfire ignition,” said Mark D. Miller, Chief Commercial Officer of AEM. “We are excited to bring SmartGT, which empowers the rapid verification of ignition in high-risk locations, to our industry-leading wildfire risk management solutions to help keep communities safe.”

PTZ cameras are increasingly used to enable 360-degree monitoring of vast terrain and rapidly discover dangerous environmental conditions. However, relying on people to monitor countless images of vast landscapes and a lack of real-time data in high-risk areas can obstruct detection and delay response. Knowing where to focus attention is the key to the earliest detection of hazardous events. SmartGT groups images by azimuth, allowing for easier location monitoring and interpretation by the human eye.

In addition to SmartGT, additional capabilities added to the FTS360 platform include:

  • Lightning layer from the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network®: Visualize and create lightning alerts powered by the world’s most precise and reliable lightning network.
  • True real-time situational awareness: Monitor the most recent images in FTS360 within seconds of capture for true real-time visibility of current conditions.
  • Access and review images for one year: Easily save images and time-lapses to your vault for one year for historical record or forensic analysis.

FTS360 and AEM’s broader set of environmental risk solutions are on display at the Meteorological Technology World Expo North America 2022 from now until September 1, 2022. To learn more about FTS360 and other wildfire risk solutions, visit AEM at

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AEM is combining global technology leaders to empower communities and organizations to survive and thrive in the face of escalating environmental risks. By deploying intelligent sensing networks, operating a secure and scalable data management infrastructure, and delivering high-value analytics through a suite of end-user applications, AEM serves as the essential source for environmental insights. These technologies enable positive outcomes, helping reduce environmental impact and creating a safer world. For more information, visit

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