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In this month's eNews, Jerry Brant helps you answer the question: Is a regional AFG application right for your project? We also brought back one of Brant's columns that looks at a successful regional grant application in Pennsylvania which resulted in funding for recruitment and training of 500 additional firefighters.

AFG is around the corner! The biggest fire grant of the year is on its way this fall, and FireGrantsHelp is here to make sure your department is prepared to apply. Use code *AFG20* and get 20% off all AFG grant writing services through June 30, 2019.

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Is a regional AFG application right for your project?
By Jerry Brant, FR1 Columnist
If your area is debating a regional application, here are four question to help in making the correct decision.
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GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Exhaust Removal Systems
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GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Fire Station Alerting
GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg HazMat and Chemical Identification
GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Network Solutions
GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Online Training
GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Pagers and Paging Networks
GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Patient Handling
GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Patient Monitoring
GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Patient Simulation & Education
GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Personal Protective Equipment - PPE
GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Personal Protective Equipment Cleaning
GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Personnel Accountability
GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Radiation Detection
GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Radios
GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Rehab Equipment
GrantsHelp-triangle-bullet-spaced-2.jpg Risk Management
Grant Grant Deadline
Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Site-based Program 06/05/2019
Community Development General Purpose Grant (Washington) 06/05/2019
Mental Health Awareness Training Grants 06/08/2019
Virginia Homeland Security Grant Programs (HSGP) 06/16/2019
Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) Subaward Grant Program (New Jersey) 06/21/2019
Community Safety Grants 06/22/2019
States’ Economic Development Assistance Program (SEDAP) 06/29/2019
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