Fallen Fla. firefighter saves others in final act of service

Hillsborough County firefighters lined the halls at St. Joseph’s Hospital to honor Firefighter Jerrad Huprich

By Bill Carey 
FireRescue1 Staff  

TAMPA, Fla. — A Florida firefighter was honored for his final act of saving lives as an organ donor.  

Hillsborough County Firefighter Jerrad Huprich was involved in a "catastrophic accident" on May 21 while off-duty, Fox 13 reported. 

Doctors had determined Huprich would not recover from his injuries and his organs were donated in a final act of heroism. 

"He is continuing that legacy today as he volunteered to be an organ donor," Hillsborough County Firefighters Local 2294 President Tim Pearson said. "There are parts of him that will live on in other people and give them a longer shot at life, and that's something he's passionate about." 

Firefighters lined the halls at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa as Huprich's body was taken to the operating room.  

Huprich had been with Hillsborough County Fire Rescue for eight years. Pearson described Huprich as a "fireman's fireman." 


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